an inspiring young leaderBen Begg from St Andrew’s Lutheran College on the Gold Coast made an amazing plea to support Rosies and our many friends. The 17 year old had previously taken part in our Student Engagement Program on the Gold Coast with his college.
“Last year I went to Southport on a Friday night as a volunteer with my teacher Graeme Schache and Rosies. I saw that what we did, although it seems at first a small and simple thing, had a very big impact on the homeless community and I thought there might be a way to support this.”
The highly motivated student seized the opportunity to improve the well-being of the local homeless population as a member of the Leo’s Club, a school organisation related to Lions Club. Ben pledged to make a difference and successfully obtained a $5,000 grant in support of Rosies and our many friends on the street. The money was allocated to purchase backpack beds and a fridge for our Southport drop in centre.
“I wouldn’t say I’m selfless, I’m just grateful to have a chance like this to help out and hopefully make someone’s life just that little bit better.”
To all students who take part in the Rosies’ Student Engagement Program, Ben advises to appreciate the difference each and all of them make just by being present.
“Just have fun with it, the Rosies members are very experienced and will help you if you feel a bit out of your depth. It’s a great time and you have pretty entertaining conversations with a lot of different people. You’d be amazed at how much a little visit with some good food and a chat can help.”