margaret_brisbane_friends_on_the_streetOur Brisbane Branch coordinator, Leigh, thinks this would have to be the single, most asked question by a great number of our 224 Brisbane branch volunteers! Has anyone seen Margaret?
Margaret is an articulate, chatty, happy, intelligent, much loved woman with an extraordinary memory. Margaret has been a friend of Rosies on and off since 2012.
She remembers any date and name you have ever cared to share with her. Birthdays, anniversaries and not just yours…your family’s too!
Margaret will tell you funny stories, like the time she gave the Stafford policeman a run for his money when he asked her if she knew where she lived and she replied ‘yes I do’!
In my time as Branch coordinator I have been asked if anyone has seen this much loved friend of ours many times. The question appears on the whiteboard, via emails, or when we’re out on outreach.
It didn’t take long for the Rosies extended network of past and present volunteers to find out recently that our beloved Margaret was on her way from a stay in hospital to a transitional home. As Scott [pictured] pointed out, Margaret is probably in the best place possible for her circumstances, but she felt she had lost all control, including her connection with Rosies. Luckily we have reconnected with her again through a home visit.Margaret is just one of many friends who touch our hearts on our Brisbane outreaches.
Some make us laugh, some make us worry, and some even make us frustrated
at times! All, like Margaret, have become our friends.
Whether they are on the street or in a temporary home, the time I see our Rosies volunteers spend with our friends, is invaluable. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of Rosies. And a special thank you to Margaret for keeping us on our toes and making us smile!